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The Herb Society of Manitoba presents many opportunities for volunteerism. They are varied and cover a wide range of time commitment levels and skill sets. Below details a few areas where we always need helping hands.

The Membership Application form asks you whether or not you are interested in volunteering. The information below is meant to help you answer the questions asked.

Membership Application

Mission Statement
The Herb Society of Manitoba is dedicated to promoting knowledge, use and enjoyment of herbs through education, programs, research and sharing the experience of its members with the community.
The Herb Garden - "Many hands make light work"...  Our Herb Garden Chair is always in need of another set of hands in the garden... Member Volunteers help plan the garden each year, grow some of the plants from seeds, plant out the new herbs each spring, tend the garden all summer, and help with the harvest and putting the garden to bed each fall.

The Hospitality Table always needs a hand... you can get on the list for bringing treats to share at individual General Meetings or become one of the helpers behind the table. Other ways to help at General Meetings include acting as a "greeter" to those entering the Qualico Family Centre. Helping with setting up the chairs and tables for meetings or helping with taking them down is another area where we can always use extra hands.

The Herb Society of Manitoba Executive presents a varied range of opportunities for you to share your talents. We are always in need of new people to help run the Society. Working on the Executive fulfills an important function for the group, keeping us viable and running smoothly. The Contact Us page lists the different board positions and the About Us page tells you more about our group.

Our Newsletter, the Prairie Sage Quarterly (PSQ) presents you with varied ways to help spread the word about Herbs. Our PSQ Editor is always looking for material to help fill the pages of our quarterly publication. Book Reports, Recipes, Stories.... Perhaps you are a budding garden writer with an interest in herbs!

Member Vendor Tables: We have tables available at each General Meeting for members to display their wares at our Herbal Market. This is a way to volunteer while selling yourself and your product. Contact our Program Chair at programs@herbsocietymb.com if you are already a member and want to take part.

Another way to sell yourself and your product is to present to our group. We are always interested in ideas for speakers or workshops and for those who are just starting out in a herbal business, this is one way to spread the word. Many of our presenters are HSM members wanting to share their expertise.

HerbFest is one of our biggest events, and it takes a lot of work to do it "right!" Helping with the organizing of this important herbal event is a great way to meet new people and provides a chance to spread the word about our great Society.

Promoting the Society is something we already do, but we've been talking about creating a new position on the Executive with a varied set of tasks that focuses on getting the word out about our Society. Letting the community know about us, our events and our activities would be the goal of this position. In the meantime, helping in this area could take the form of posting flyers for HerbFest or writing an article for a local paper or being a "greeter" at our General Meetings.

Other - Perhaps you can think of some other way you and your skills and interests can fit with volunteering for the Herb Society of Manitoba.

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Future Master Gardeners...


The Volunteer Time Sheet is attached for you to keep a record of your volunteer time for certain designations (such as Master Gardener), or for when you are applying for a job in the garden/landscape field.  All volunteer hours must be recorded by you and signed off by an authorized Herb Society of Manitoba representative.

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Or contact us by email at:
Any information on this site is NOT intended to prescribe or diagnose in any way. The intent is to offer general information about herbs including information about their historical and current use. Those who are sick should consult with their doctor.

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Privacy Policy
Last modified: 03/26/18

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