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To contact us for more information, either write to the following address:

     Herb Society of Manitoba
     PO Box 61004 RPO Grant Park
     Winnipeg, MB R3M 3X8

or contact us by email at: herbs@herbsocietymb.com

Mission Statement
The Herb Society of Manitoba is dedicated to promoting knowledge, use and enjoyment of herbs through education, programs, research and sharing the experience of its members with the community.
Members of the Board of the Herb Society of Manitoba are listed below. The Executive and its committees are made up of a group of dedicated volunteers. If you are interested in contacting any of our Executive or other Board members, just use the email address provided; otherwise, for general inquiries, please use the email address for the Society given above.

Herb Society of Manitoba

Position Name email
President Dawn Hicks pres@herbsocietymb.com
Past President Agnes Leung pastpres@herbsocietymb.com
Vice-President David Makarenko vp@herbsocietymb.com
Treasurer Shelley Walker treasurer@herbsocietymb.com
Secretary Jade Raizenne secretary@herbsocietymb.com
Member Advisor Olga Runnalls mem_advisor@herbsocietymb.com
Communications Chair Kathleen Land media@herbsocietymb.com
Fundraising Chair Cindy Louer fundraising@herbsocietymb.com
Program Chair Kathleen Land
& Agnes Leung
Debra Barrett
& Sandra Cerqueira


HerbFest VACANT herbfest@herbsocietymb.com
Herb Garden Shelley Walker
& Shirley Hull
Hospitality Bobbi Bartos hospitality@herbsocietymb.com
Library Agnes Leung

Library Team Members:
Dragana Lukic
Patricia Loustel
George (Ted) Chudley

Prairie Sage Quarterly (PSQ) Editor Katherine Clark psq@herbsocietymb.com
Webmaster Dawn Gates webmaster@herbsocietymb.com

Anyone interested in volunteering on the Executive should contact:
our President at pres@herbsocietymb.com

To contact us for more information,
either write to the following address:

     Herb Society of Manitoba
     PO Box 61004 RPO Grant Park
     Winnipeg, MB R3M 3X8

Or contact us by email at:


Any information on this site is NOT intended to prescribe or diagnose in any way. The intent is to offer general information about herbs including information about their historical and current use. Those who are sick should consult with their doctor.

Copyright Herb Society of Manitoba
Direct questions or comments to: herbs@herbsocietymb.com

Privacy Policy
Last modified: 09/17/17

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