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One of the best benefits of being a member of the Herb Society of Manitoba is receiving our interesting and informative newsletter called the Prairie Sage Quarterly (PSQ).

The PSQ contains information about upcoming speakers and activities as well as informative book reviews and articles on the use of herbs, including great recipes to try.

To view select back issues, click on the links to the right. Spring 2010, Spring 2004, and all four issues from 2001 are available for viewing in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these files. It is available for free from www.adobe.com.

Spring 2001 PSQ
Summer 2001 PSQ
Fall 2001 PSQ
Winter 2001 PSQ
Spring 2004 PSQ
Spring 2010 PSQ
Mission Statement
The Herb Society of Manitoba is dedicated to promoting knowledge, use and enjoyment of herbs through education, programs, research and sharing the experience of its members with the community.
We are always looking for new material for the PSQ. Here are some ideas of how you can contribute:

Recipes & Cooking Tips  We all come from different ethnic backgrounds and have learned our own ways to use the herbs we grow and love. The membership would like to hear about your favourite recipe, and what herbs you use in your kitchen.

How Does Your Garden Grow?  What's your specialty? Do you have a unique idea that helped your garden? This is a way to share your successes and failures with other members. Herb-related stories preferred, but general gardening stories are also welcome.

Why Join the Herb Society of Manitoba?  We all joined for our own reasons. Your story may just inspire someone else to become a member!

We would, of course, love to receive any article dealing with herbs and their uses, including short book reviews on new herbal books or stories about herbal activities in your community. Email your ideas or completed stories to our newsletter editor at: psq@herbsocietymb.com.

Please note: Unfortunately, we do not pay for written material at this time. However, submitting to the PSQ is one way to get practice writing, and to get your name out there.
All material should be submitted to our newsletter editor at: psq@herbsocietymb.com.
No guarantees are made that your article will be accepted for print, or that it will be printed exactly as submitted. All questions should be directed to the Editor.

The PSQ has evolved into "mostly" an e-Newsletter, with a PDF file being sent out to members 4 times a year. For those preferring their copy the "old" way, arrangements can be made by contacting our Communications Chair at: media@herbsocietymb.com, or by letting one of the Executive know your preference at a General Meeting.

To contact us for more information,
either write to the following address:

     Herb Society of Manitoba
     PO Box 61004 RPO Grant Park
     Winnipeg, MB R3M 3X8

Or contact us by email at:
Any information on this site is NOT intended to prescribe or diagnose in any way. The intent is to offer general information about herbs including information about their historical and current use. Those who are sick should consult with their doctor.

Copyright Herb Society of Manitoba
Direct questions or comments to: herbs@herbsocietymb.com

Privacy Policy
Last modified: 09/06/17

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